Onion skins, suctioned out by an extraction system, are a problem for many sorting companies. That is why Tibo Extraction Systems (Tibo Luchttechniek) developed a machine to compress the onion skins. Manager Jacob Jongejans thought of the compactor: “The idea is simple and very effective.”

During the Interpom | Primeurs in Kortrijk, Belgium, Tibo Extraction Systems introduced the Compactor to potential customers. “The advantage of this compactor is that five times fewer crate changes are necessary. The onion skins blowing away will also become part of the past with this machine. Cultivators can keep their premises clean and tidy. With completely automated controls, the cyclone will not get blocked and the extraction system can continue to be operational without running into problems.”

The Compactor is a direct addition to existing activities of Tibo Extraction Systems (extraction and filter systems).

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