Apple consumption is decreasing or stalling, yet new preferences are emerging.

"For what concerns processed apples, people will start to prefer high-value products," explains Kalus Gasser from VOG Products. The company processes around 390 thousand tons of apples a year to make bases for juices and desserts. Last year, its turnover almost reached €83 million. 

Gasser was one of the speakers during the "La Mela nel Mondo" convention at Interpoma.

Klaus Gasser (VOG Products) at Interpoma 2016.

"There are new trends now, such as environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility, certifications, new production systems... Just think that, in the US, 29% of the fruit juices launched on the market are cold-pressed. New consumers are concerned with proteins, organic and fair trade products."

The new consumers are Millenials, i.e. the generation born between 1980 and 2000, who are now adults. "They are well-informed, know what products contain and are willing to experiment. They ask for quality rather than quantity."

But what will be the next trends in the processed apple segment? "First of all, fresh snacks, which already represent 2% of consumption in the US, then smoothies. Brands will also be important - it is possible to combine a product with a brand, such as for example products made using Pink Lady® apples."

Klaus Gasser (VOG Products) at Interpoma 2016. Leni's is one of the brands at VOG Products.

"If we consider apples are the only fruit for which consumers distinguish the different varieties, this must also apply to processed products. Fruit juice made with a single variety can work."

"The consumption of traditional fruit is decreasing and will continue to do so. Fruit-based products will have to be sustainable and practical, only those who will manage to develop such products will be successful."