The Ministry of Agriculture renewed its agreement with two agricultural associations to implement phytosanitary measures for the production and marketing of industrial tomatoes in the Dominican Republic.

The renovation of the agreement with the Agricultural Canners Association (Afconagro) and the Federation of Independent Farmers Mama Tingo (Fecainmant) is part of a tripartite strategy to improve the quality and health of the fruit.

This guarantees the sustainability of the sector, while providing support to tomato producers so that they meet international export and marketing agreements, as well as the national food security norms, said the Ministry in a statement.

The agreement was signed by the Minister of Agriculture, Angel Estevez, the president of Afconagro, Felix Garciia, and the Secretary General of Fecainmant, Luis Cabrera Sisa.

The goal of this agreement is that, through prevention, the country can strengthen its health system and ensure the quality, health and safety of the country's commercial tomatoes.

According to the minister, this initiative should also be applied in other areas. The minister also expressed his satisfaction with the interest that producers and marketers have shown to maintain the validity of the agreement.

The initiative allows the production raw materials and finished products in the country, while ensuring growers, smallholders of land reform, the agricultural processing companies incorporated to Afconagro, and, above all, consumers from the Dominican Republic and from its export destinations a climate of confidence and security.