Among the new products exhibitors presented at Interpoma, there are Fengapi apples developed from Feno, one of the nursery gardens behind the creation of Evelina. Fengapi is not ready for commercialisation yet, but will be available as of next year.

Fengapi apples at Interpoma 2016.

"We are now multiplying plants and already have half a million plants ready for next year. In addition, we are also testing orchards in Val Venosta, south Bolzano, Oltradige, Merano and Val di Sarca and even Spain and Germany. We started developing the variety 12 years ago and have been testing it for 6/7 years."

Fengapi apples.

It is basically a crossbreed between Gala and Cripos Pink. Plants produce fruit every year and are more productive than Gala. Harvesting starts 5/6 days after Gold Delicious and trees can be cultivated as high as 900 metres asl.

"Apples are sweet and crunchy with a slight acidity. The variety was developed mainly for the Mediterranean and Asian markets, which lack a similar flavour."