CAMPOSOL, the agroindustrial company, won first place in the Environmental Care category of the 2016 Business Creativity contest, organized by the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC), which has been recognizing the most notable innovations made by private and public Peruvian institutions in the last two decades.
The Business Creativity contest awards prizes in twenty categories including: Commitment to Society, Environmental Care, Information Technology Development, Education, National Public Management, and Interactive Media, among others. This contest is organized by the UPC, in a joint effort with Canal N, Diario El Comercio, and RPP News.

Camposol's winning project is titled: Using the Jacinto de Agua plant to treat industrial wastewater in Camposol SA, district of Chao, province of Viru, La Libertad. The project's goal is to remove the contaminants in wastewater at a low implementation and maintenance cost. This project has a positive environmental impact as it significantly reduces the emissions of odors, greenhouse gases, and the spread of pests; it also prevents pollution and reuses the treated water to irrigate green areas.
Jesus Arasti Barrios, the manager of Operations, said this project was highly efficient when compared to other conventional processes because it relied on aquatic plants to remove the water's contaminants and to stabilize its pH, oil and grease, DBO 5, DQO, and suspended solids parameters. 
"After the water is treated, its quality surpasses the national standards required to reuse it to irrigate green areas," he said. 
He also said that Camposol would save more than US $2.5 million by implementing this purification process as well as US $22.5 million in maintenance in 10 years because, unlike the conventional process, this method does not require the application of chemicals to remove organic matter from the water to stabilize its quality parameters. 
"This treatment system is 100% viable and sustainable. It is an alternative that can be replicated by different companies that still don't have a suitable method to purify their wastewater," concluded Jesus Arasti.
In order to be one of the leading providers of health food worldwide, Camposol constantly innovates to continue advancing and to be successful. Thus, the company is continuously breaking new ground, making use of its collaborators and, most importantly, using their creativity. 
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