The 2016-2017 citrus harvest has begun in the Aguan Valley and producers will collect about 165 million oranges in the plantations of Sonaguera, Colon.

The Cofructo company will purchase the fruits produced by more than two thousand families devoted to citrus production in that area.

Jose Luis Caffi, the director of Cofructo, said they would disburse some 80 million lempiras for the purchase of the current crop of oranges.

The oranges are processed to make fruit concentrate to produce orange juice in the country and to export to neighboring countries and the United States of America.

The orange production sector in Sonaguera generates 1,000 direct jobs and 50,000 indirect jobs.

In recent years, Honduras has become the leading producer and exporter of citrus in Central America and Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, all consume its oranges, grapefruits, and lemons.