A new buyers' reception was organized by Saint-Charles from the 20th to the 23rd November 2016, sponsored by the founding members of Groupement.

The buyers team was composed of an Irish importer, a German wholesaler, a German importer, a Slovenian importer for the Balkan countries and two Polish buyers.

These enthusiastic and ambitious buyers wished to discover the strengths and value of the territory and of Saint-Charles' platform in terms of the production, marketing, transport and logistics of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Whereas two of them already knew some of the companies on the platform, it was a real discovery for the others, who were able to immerse themselves, during these 3 days, in the heart of the production and international trading companies of the Pyrénées-Orientales and the East of the Occitanie region.

Their diversified interests and profiles allowed a very good quality of exchange, and all the visited companies were able to put forward their know-how, attracting various buyers. Indeed, from the German company, which distributes mainly to discounters, to the wholesaler in Düsseldorf, which supplies convenience stores and markets, or the two purchasers from Poland whose mission is to supply 1070 stores, and the Slovenian importer who had already bought in Holland, Egypt, Greece etc, and who finally placed an order before the end of the trip - everybody seemed happy with their visit. 

Cyril Gornes, director of Saint-Charles Export, had concocted an intensive program with 20 appointments. The meetings took place in the firms and in the farms. 

Visits have been made to :
  • Saint-Charles international trading companies, mostly specialized in Spanish and Moroccan origins
  • Transport and logistics companies,
  • French salad and stone fruit producers with visits to greenhouses and packing stations,
  • French Apple and Pear producers, approved by the Pink Lady brand.
  • A variety research and trading center for apricots.
  • An international trading company whose offer focuses on Corsican and Tunisian products.

The buyers had access to an extremely varied product offer, ranging from citrus fruit to dates and tomato, not to mention transport solutions.

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