Horto Sapiens is a company located in Vittoria producing and trading in fruit and vegetable products, employing state-of-the-art systems that also comply with local traditions. 

The company covers 22 hectares and focuses mainly on cherry tomatoes, but also grows aubergines, courgettes and peppers.

In cooperation with the University of Catania, the company experimented with various soil-less cultivation methods for Piccadilly, plum and bunch tomatoes.

One of the covered structures is currently home to a crop with a mulching system that contributes to an increased resistance to diseases. 

Marina Denaro (in the photo below) is the company administrator and manages the company together with business partner Giambattista Denaro.

"Our reference markets are mostly domestic, but we do have relationships with Greece, Hungary and Germany."

Horto Sapiens' products comply both with food security and Haccp protocols and, thanks to collaboration with specific control bodies, they manage to constantly maintain a high quality standard. 

The company holds the GlobalGAP certification, a testament to its employment of good practices for what concerns the use of pesticides, harvesting techniques, environmental aspects and the health and safety of employees.

Horto Sapiens S.r.l.s.

Via Brescia, 257
97019 Vittoria (Rg)
Tel.: (+39) 0932 809300
Email: info@hortosapiens.it
Web: www.hortosapiens.it

Author: Gaetano Piccione