"After a long period of accumulated research and a realistic demand analysis, we can finally offer a technical solution program and product service system for small or medium sized Chinese enterprises in any industry. It is mainly directed toward the fresh produce industry though. Of our numerous application systems, the sample platter system is the most fully developed," says Mr. Hou, Manager of Haohai Internet Development in Xi'an.

The fresh produce industry
"Along with the gradual development of online shopping platforms and online shopping centres, our customers are continuously expanding. At the current stage, our clients are mainly fruit shops and small to medium-sized enterprises in first-tier or second-tier cities in Canton, Shenzhen and Jiangsu. Compared to other companies with a similar technology, our technical system possesses comprehensive functions for running an online shopping centre. It also provides free and lifelong after-sales and upgrading services. In the past twelve years, we have already successfully developed online sales service operation strategies for over 400 online enterprises."

A multi-technical integrated platform

"In the development of the system, we researched the popular online shopping platform systems of the B2C model and the B2B2C model. We also developed the C2C model and the O2O model for local online shopping systems. We also developed the CRM client management system; mobile phone platform applications and Wechat shopping centres. From all these, we created a unified online shopping product for an all-inclusive service system."

"The company was founded in 2004. Our core driving force is market value through technological innovation and a service to a large number of clients. Our technological scope ranges from Wechat to every segment of app development. The technological level is already well-developed. In the future we will continue to research and develop technology and expand towards new application systems."

Mr. Hou, Manager
Xi'an Haohai Internet Development Co., Ltd.
Telephone: +86 151 0911 8410 +86 29 87888753
Email: 2975159503@qq.com

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