Orproject, a London-based construction company, has seemingly given up on their crazy idea to build a huge, solar-powered, 'bubble' greenhouse. They had previously teamed up with the inventor, Christoph Klemmt, in Beijing. He explains that "Every day we have to endure polluted smog, so I want to build a greenhouse garden. We woud start with a small space, but I hope it could eventually expand to cover a large area in Beijing."

Orproject suggested the use of a ductile plastic, tetrafluorine-ethylene, to construct the arch of the so-called bubble greenhouse. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the roof of the Water Cube sports complex was built with this type of plastic. The plastic improved the lighting inside the Water Cube and was able to control the temperature. It is estimated this design reduced the energy loss by 30%. 

The same material was also used in the construction of the well-known Garden of Eden in the UK. The garden has a collection that includes almost every plant on earth. Orproject hopes to recreate that idea, which is why the rendering graphs of their project seem to be going up and down continuously. The geometry of the veins in the atmosphere membrane structure imitate the wings of a butterfly and the veins of a leaf. The space can be modelled to simulate different microclimates. For example, one part might be a tropical rainforest climate and another the dry climate of Arizona. Solar cell batteries are used to supply energy to the air purifiers that are included in the architecture of the greenhouse. 

Source: http://epaper.tianjinwe.com/mrxb/

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