In 2011, Naturveneta, a consortium of Veneto producers, introduced all-purpose potatoes under the Patata Veneta brand and certified their origin with the Qualità Certificata mark.

"We managed to stand out on the market because consumers could identify with our product," explains Gianmarco Peruffo, sales manager for Naturveneta. The potatoes are now available at Alì Supermercati, Pam Panorama, Coop Italia and Despar.

Patata Veneta potatoes for frying produced by Naturveneta.

In an era when final consumers are increasingly careful about the origin of products, we are witnessing a rise in popularity of local produce. This is why traders are promoting regional varieties, with or without denomination of origin or geographical indication marks.

"We decided to widen our range. Our clients (i.e. retailers) were asking for new products and Veneto producers can truly make the difference. Starting with the concept of a potato that is 100% of Venetian origin, we have introduced various types of potatoes."

Potatoes for frying produced by Naturveneta.

Naturveneta has therefore introduced potatoes for frying, which this week have become available in the Tosano supermarket chain (which also commercialises the brand's all-purpose potatoes).

Red potatoes which will become Patata Veneta potatoes for frying. 

Patata Veneta potatoes for frying have a red peel and a more floury flesh. The consortium cultivates them on 20 hectares. "There is demand for produce that is more specific and this new range is perfect. We carried out various tests and selected the most suitable varieties. They are packaged in 1.5/2/2.5 kg d-packs with red nets that match the colour of the peel and stand out on the shelves."

All-purpose Patata Veneta potatoes.

"This way, our most demanding clients can find what they want. Next spring, we will also introduce two new varieties - potatoes for baking and gnocchi/mashing. In the future, we are also looking to introduce Patata Veneta sweet potatoes."

Naturveneta Soc. Coop. Agricola
Via Zona Artigianale, 19
37040 Roveredo di Guà (VR) – Italy