The National Potato Producers Union and National Interprofessional Potato Committee have estimated that French potato production will see a “slight decrease” of 2.3% this year, reaching 5.1 million tons compared to 5,226 million tons in 2015. 

The strongest decrease is seen in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais (-6.2%), followed by the Val de Loire (-3.1%) and Picardy (-2.7%). However, growth is strong in the Rhone-Alpes (+20.8%), Upper Normandy (+7.5%) and Alsace (+6.3%). Production in the Champagne-Ardenne is stable.

The organisations have noted that the average gross yield is less than 41 tons/hectare this year, -7% below that recorded last year. Acreage, however, has increased by 5.3% to 125,250 hectares.