Nico de Jong BV, who recently became a member of the Dutoit Group has received it’s first (air cargo) cherries.

According to John de Laat from Nico de Jong, they are of exceptionally good quality.
"Beautiful dark red, sizes 28 + / 30 +, crispy and at the first bite you immediately taste the delicious sweet taste."


At the moment two varieties are available: Royal Down and Vista.

"In mid-December, we expect the first containers and we will then be able to offer larger volumes," says John.

"The South African cherry season will run until February. It has been a promising start to the cooperation with Dutoit, a specialist in top and stone fruit from South Africa. Our sales team will answer all your questions concerning the possibilities as to prices, available volumes and packaging options (eg. punnets
250 / 500gr.)."

For more information:
Nico de Jong Sales Team
Tel : +31 10 22 11 222
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