The agro-industrial company Camposol sent its agricultural products by air in the first inaugural flight to China. At the end of October, the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, together with Promperú and the Ministry of Transport and Communications, executed a cooperation agreement with the airline, China Eastern Airlines. This agreement has become a landmark in the bilateral commercial relations between Peru and China. 

Camposol made a shipment of more than 11 tons of products, among which blueberries, mangoes, and shrimps, through Marinasol, Camposol’s aquafarming division, can be highlighted. 

In April Camposol, after being submitted to an audit conducted by the National Agrarian Health Service (SENASA, in Spanish) and its Chinese counterpart, AQSIQ, was one of the first Peruvian companies authorized to send agricultural products to the Asian country. Camposol is currently mainly exporting to the USA, the United Kingdom and other European countries, among others. 

Camposol has high expectations regarding the entrance of blueberries to 
China. The consumption of blueberries in the Asian giant is least known, but it is evolving as they are already part of the food of those inhabitants who prioritize the consumption of vegetables and fruits and health care.

It is worth mentioning that the main objective of the agreement executed between the Ministry and the airline, China Eastern Airlines, is to connect Peru and continental China with direct cargo. It also increases the dissemination of high quality products from Peru among the 1.4 billion Chinese consumers and helps to promote the sale of Peruvian products, among which products from Camposol, leader in the Peruvian agricultural sector, must be highlighted. 

Camposol will continue preparing its diverse range of products to send them in the following cargo flights from Peru to China. 

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