The potato situation seems to be quite a positive one as "the commer-cialisation of potatoes is going well - quality is high and the produce will be available until April/May," reports Roberto Piazza, director of Fedagro Acmo Bologna.

Harvesting in the Fucino area has ended, so harvesting is now over in Italy. In Bologna, quotations hover between 60 and 70 eurocents/kg for 5 kg sacks, while those of 10 kg sacks or crates (16/17 kg) are slightly lower at 50 eurocents/kg. Smaller 2 or 2.5 kg sacks of pre-washed and pre-graded potatoes sell at 75/80 eurocents/kg.

"Prices are good, profitable, even though sales are slow." Quotations are therefore compensating for the lower demand, which has been affected by the weather of the past few weeks. "Autumn weather will push consumption, so the situation will definitely improve."

The lack of imported potatoes is also positive for Italian potatoes, especially in Bologna. "I didn't see any Dutch or French potatoes. There are some German potatoes sold at a lower price, but they are destined to the processing industry."