Baby corn is the smaller brother of sweetcorn: an exotic vegetable. The product has various origins, including India. “We cultivate and export about 50 containers of baby corn per year, so one container per week on average. We recently also started offering fresh baby corn, in addition to processed corn,” says Susheelkumar R, manager of Indian Village Golden Farms Produce Co, a company specialised in baby corn, which also supplies pickles and jalapeño peppers. Susheelkumar is co-owner of Indian Village Golden Farms with his father, Pratham Shah.

In July 2015, the company started exporting. “Before that, we had been supplying smaller volumes on the domestic market for seven years already. Our objective is to become a market leader in the export of baby corn to Europe. Our baby corn has a special flavour, and, in addition, we are the first Indian baby corn supplier that is Fairtrade certified.”

The company’s area amounts to about 1,000 hectares. “We are looking for new buyers in Europe. We have our own packing company, and can supply our products in various packaging. We are open for customers from all over the world, but want to start by focusing on Europe.”

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