Meridiem Seeds Italia has been the sole supplier of Amarillo melons with pigmented flesh for the past five years. The feedback was extremely good both in central and northern Europe and things seem to be going well in Italy too.

These melons, part of the Azucar cultivar (see photos), are cultivated in Sicily (harvesting in May/June and September/October), southern Italy (harvesting in June and September) and northern Italy (greenhouse production from June to September).

The fruit has a uniform round shape, smooth skin, it weighs around 1/1.3 kg (5/6 pieces per 30x40 crate) and has an appealing golden colour that provides a good contrast with the salmon/orange flesh.

Brix level is always high (over 14°) and is supported by a crunchy flesh and excellent shelf-life (over one month).

A typical dessert fruit, ideal for fresh-cut products, it is conquering European consumers and awakening the interest of Italian consumers.

"The Spanish companies that started producing and distributing these melons have already extended their production to Brazil and Senegal, so they can be available all year round. Except for the May/June period, for which Meridiem Seeds Italia supported a series of pilot productions in South Italy and Sicily which are performing rather well and could work as an alternative to the Spanish fruit. These melons are perfect for consumers that welcome new products, especially when supported by excellent quality."

Meridiem Seeds Italia's team is advising producers to maintain production and high quality and is working to establish a good cooperation with domestic and foreign supermarkets, also for what concerns fresh-cut products. An interesting alternative for producers in the 2016/17 season.

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