For some years now, Willem Dijk AGF has been working with the Aguado family, an orange specialist from Picassent in Valencia, Spain, under the Elefant (elephant) brand. “We have the exclusive rights to market Elefant in the Benelux. After minimal arrivals last week, we will start receiving volumes this week,” says Ronnie Moorman.

“We are currently pleased with both quality and flavour of the Elefant oranges. Due to the warm weather and lack of cold nights, colour and sizes were occasionally disappointing, but now that night temperatures are dropping, these problems are declining. After a difficult period, demand for good oranges is now getting in its stride as well. In addition to Navelina, we expect some Salustianas as well this week. To meet demand, we package the fruit for the German and, in particular, the Belgian market in two layers of 10 kilograms select. For the Dutch market, we use the traditional 15 kilograms wood.”

“This season we will boost sales on the market and in shops with an amazing Elefant promotion. Especially for this, we had a life-size Elefant made to use on shop floors and markets during this promotion. Again, that is a life-size Elefant we are talking about,” Moorman enthusiastically concludes. 

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