"Fascinated by the taste of Peruvian fruits". That's how Walmart International's CEO, Scott Price, described his feelings after trying the aguaymanto, blueberries and camu camu that Jose Hernandez, Peru's Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, gave to him in his ministerial office.

During their meeting, Mr. Price announced Walmart's interest in evaluating mechanisms to increase purchase volumes of Peruvian agricultural products, which currently enjoy a high demand internationally, not just in the United States, because of their health benefits. 

Walmart will bring blueberries to China
After being informed that Peru is about to sign a phytosanitary protocol with China, which will allow the entry of Peruvian blueberries to this world power of nearly 1,400 million, Mr. Price reported that the chain wants to become the main buyer of Peruvian blueberry production in order to sell them in their stores located throughout China.
Minister Jose Hernandez confirmed this interest stating that Peru has a continuous supply of blueberries throughout the year, something that Walmart is interested in in order to continuously supply its different markets, and not just China.
"Walmart knows of our intention to double our agricultural exports by 2021, and knows that we can do so quickly, given his experience working with multivendor countries of first level agricultural products that have had similar challenges," said Minister Hernandez. He added that this world supermarket giant is interested to know if the Peruvian government has the will to support this sector of agricultural exports.

Source: larepublica.pe