The warm climate and sun have largely contributed to the harvest of the kiwifruit in France. For its Oscar® Hayward kiwis of French origin, Primland® announced a new 2016/2017 season full of promises.

After several seasons of low production due to health-related events (PSA),
Primland announces a return to normal production levels of 15,000 tons of fruit harvested in November that will be consumed until June 2017.

Like many French companies, Primland awaits the next Vietnamese market opening and the regulation of a temporary administrative problem in Indonesia, where Primland is the leading supplier of French kiwis.

Primland® consolidates its strong presence in other Asian markets, particularly in China, Taiwan and Thailand.

Meanwhile, the Chilean Kiwi Oscar® harvesting season has ended with a yield of 4,000 tons. Gold kiwi yielded a harvest of 300 tons of OSCARGOLD® and early green kiwi (SUMMERKIWI®) yielded a harvest of 600 tons.

Sales of Nergi® are nearing an end. More than 2.5 million punnets have been sold in Europe and Asia. Some of the largest consumer countries of berries, such as Germany, have become a key market.

New planations and varieties
In order to diversify the revenues of its producers and to offer its customers new volumes, Primland® is currently leading an ambitious campaign to recruit producers to develop its new varieties.

Primland® is making provisions for new plantations this winter of NERGI (50 new ha for 170 already installed), in France, Hayward and GOLD.

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