Cool Rail, which was launched last week, is a new rail link for fresh produce between Spain and northwest Europe. Each week, Cool Rail will 
transport fresh produce, including oranges, broccoli and lettuce, from Valencia to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This new link will enable fresh produce to reach consumers faster and will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 70%. Cool Rail is an initiative of various parties from the retail, logistics and fruit and vegetable industry.

More sustainable transport forms an important incentive
Spain is a major trading partner for the import of fresh produce. During the winter season, produce such as oranges is transported weekly in bulk to northwest Europe by road. A major incentive for the initiators Bakker Barendrecht, Euro Pool System and the Port of Rotterdam was a way of making transport from Spain more sustainable. Cool Rail, an intermodal link between Valencia and Rotterdam, was developed together with consultants Mercator Novus. Participants from the industry – Albert Heijn, Bakker Barendrecht, Colruyt Group, Edeka Fruchtkontor Valencia, Euro Pool System, Plus Retail, Sligro, Smeding and Visbeen 
Transport – joined forces to put the idea into practice.

70% CO2 reduction
Cool Rail offers a more sustainable alternative to road transport, providing a CO2 reduction of more than 70%. The rail link is aimed at the specific needs and requirements of fresh produce: fast, reliable and conditioned. Transfesa (part of DB Schenker) will operate the rail link between the Almussafes, Valencia (Spain) and CTS Köln (Germany) railway terminals. 

During the recently launched first phase, transport from Cologne (Germany) to the final destinations will still be by road. Starting next year, the journey will be linked to Rotterdam by rail, with the goal being to increase the frequency from twice a week to five times weekly. 

To achieve this aim, other parties are being invited to join the Cool Rail initiative.

For more information please call Cool Rail: +31 (0) 88 266 57 245