The potato is the one of the most popular foods in Germany, with 58 kilograms per head. For many, potatoes are an integral part of their diet. Exciting stories, interesting facts and tricky children's puzzles are all included in the new magazine by Bayerische Kartoffel. 

Cold or warm, mashed, fried or just the skin - hardly any food is as versatile as the potato. The energy-rich spuds count as complex carbohydrates and are therefore an ideal power source for nutrition-conscious people. In and under the delicate potato skin lie numerous healthy ingredients: eleven different vitamins, dietary fibers, minerals, starch, protein and, of course, water. But this is not the only thing reported in the new magazine; it also goes behind the scenes. What process does the spud actually go through before it lands on our plate? How are French fries produced? And what is the Potato Queen's favourite dish? Recipe suggestions from around the world, puzzles, colouring-in and crafting tips for children, all which focus on this power-crop are featured in the magazine. 

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