The mango market has shown a stable line throughout the year. “Fortunately, we have had fewer ups and downs than in previous years, and that is definitely good for the market,” says Henk van der Meij from Hars & Hagebauer. “Prices vary between 5 and 8 euros, depending on strain and size. I feel positive about the mango market so close to the year’s end. December will always be a great month for the sale of mangoes, even though the majority of volume has been pre-programmed.”

“Peru will not enter the market as early as last year, when they wanted the entire harvest picked from the trees as soon as possible because of El Niño’s threat, resulting in Peru and Brazil entering the market at the same time. This year, Peru is in less haste. They are already speaking of a larger volume, although that volume will consist of more smaller sizes,” Van der Meij expects.

Van der Meij is also feeling positive about the sales of mango in the long-term. “Our parents never ate mango, but the younger generation is growing up with them. Mangoes have become mainstream, and supplying them ripe has definitely helped that. I expect consumption will only increase.”

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