“Opposite to last year, we are hopeful that it’s going to be an excellent season for Roma tomatoes out of Baja California,” says Felipe Garcia with Master’s Touch. “Last year, there was a lot of rain and all things bad that could happen, did happen.” So far, there are no big issues this year. “No hurricanes and no rains should result in an excellent season,” added Garcia.

Limited number of growing regions
Master’s Touch has a good window of supply for its Roma tomatoes. This time of the year, there are not many other Roma growers in Mexico. The northeastern part of the country finished up early, due to heavy rainfall. “Also, San Quintin, which is north of our growing region and closer to the US border, is finishing up,” shared Garcia. “We grow 300 hectares of Romas and are the largest supplier out of Baja California this time of the year.” 

Price increase expected soon
“Roma jumbos are $12.95 right now, which is a fair price.” As more growing regions finish up and supplies become tighter, Garcia expects Roma prices to go up. “Usually, prices are good by the end of November and into December. They become better as the season progresses,” mentioned Garcia.

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