According to a report on the website, the accounting head office announced the Consumption Price Index (CPI) for October on November 8. Due to the prolonged effect of the typhoon and the unremitting rain, the price of vegetables has gone up by 36.53% compared to the month before. Fruit has also increased slightly by 2.96%. Driven by the higher price for food products, as well as new products going on sale in the autumn-winter period and the oil price that has been stabilised, the monthly increase of the CPI was fixed at 1.45%. The increase on yearly basis is at 1.7%. Among all products, the price of gherkins has been inflated by 90.07%, that of celery by 53.24% and Qingjiang cabbage by 53.07%. Moreover, papaya is now 19.65% more expensive and the normal cabbage price went up by 13.31%. These 5 vegetables and fruits showed the largest increase in price. 

"The assistant department chief of comprehensive statistics at the accounting head office, Mr. Cai yutai, has stated that the rise of the CPI in October is mainly caused by lasting weather factors, such as the typhoon. That being said, the recovery of agriculture goes smoothly, so the vegetable price will slowly return to normal. In the coming one or two months, it will stabilise. "The cultivation of leaf vegetables was restored rather fast, so the price will drop quickly too. Gourd fruits have a slow rate of recovery." In summary, in the absence of extraordinary circumstances, the changes in product pricing is still moderate. 


中国 (中國) [Zh�ng guó]

  • China

中 (中) [Zh�ng]

  • China
  • Chinese
  • surname Zhong

中 (中) [zh�ng]

  • within
  • among
  • in
  • middle
  • center
  • while (doing sth)
  • during
  • (dialect) OK
  • all right

中 (中) [zhòng]

  • to hit (the mark)
  • to be hit by
  • to suffer
  • to win (a prize, a lottery)