On 16 and 17 November 2016, the 21st European Asparagus and Strawberry Trade Fair (expoSE) and the 6th Exhibition for agricultural direct selling (expoDirekt) will attract over 6,000 visitors from all over the world.

During Europe’s leading trade fair in this sector, over 400 international exhibitors will present current information about their new products and services in Karlsruhe. “The two intensive exhibition days are important moments to meet and a perfect professional platform to exchange knowledge. The interest of German and foreign visitors and exhibitors in the trade fair increases every year,” states the organiser Simon Schumacher of the Verband Süddeutscher Spargel- ind Erdbeeranbauer (the Association of Southern German asparagus and strawberry growers, VSSE).

Royal Brinkmann with new biospreader
Royal Brinkmann will be exhibiting a new biospreader for distributing predatory mites in greenhouses at expoSE. The biospreader is a machine that is attached to the structure of the greenhouse and spreads the beneficial organisms over a number of rows of crops. The patented spreading disc is at the heart of the biospreader. It ensures that the mites are distributed evenly and its design means the quality of the mites doesn’t diminish.

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Visit them at stand: 3/L-04

For more information: www.royalbrinkman.de

SoFruPak with new cardboard basket for fresh soft fruits and stone fruits
SoFruPak is a cardboard basket for fresh soft fruits and stone fruits. It is available for quantities of one to two kilos. Up to 140,000 baskets can be delivered by one lorry, as they can be supplied folded. The basket’s Polish manufacturer, which is also called SoFruPack, has explained that each basket is unfolded by pulling two handles. SoFruBox comes with packaging. This is a bottomless box which, together with the ventilation holes in the basket, enables the basket’s contents to be ventilated and cooled quickly and effectively. Customers can individualise the design on the basket’s cardboard by printing their own logo, address, graphics, etc. on it.

Visit them at stand: 3/M-01

For more information: www.sofrupak.com

Christiaens Agro Systems with Chris
Dutch machinery manufacturer, Christiaens Agro Systems, has focused on asparagus harvesters for some time now. The first model, “Chrisje”, is now being joined by the more powerful “Chris”, which is able to cope with even difficult field conditions, thanks to a track drive system and a 55-kilowatt diesel engine. Speeds of up to 60 metres per minute can be achieved and the cutting height can be adjusted hydraulically. Four people are needed to remove the asparagus from the conveyor belt when Chris is running, and a rain cover and work-light make the harvester more comfortable to work in. One big advantage of Chris is that he frees asparagus beds from old plant fragments and stones – and rebuilds the beds.

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Visit them at stand: dm/C-15

For more information: www.christiaensagro.com

Konrad & Schmidt OHG with PEAKfreeze, a new cooling concept
PEAKfreeze is a new cooling concept developed by Konrad & Schmidt OHG that can cool delicate foods evenly and in a manner that makes them keep longer without producing much residual moisture. It is a plastic pad containing superabsorbents that soak up water. The saturated pads can then be cooled or frozen and are ready for use after that. PEAKfreeze is reusable and can be moulded into any shape.

Visit them at stand: dm/A-23

For more information: www.peakfresh.de

Koppert Biological Systems with Aphiscout
Koppert Biological Systems launched a unique mix of five different ichneumon wasps onto the market this year, in the form of Aphiscout. The successful tool, which combats aphids and halts infestations very early on, consists of the Praon volucre, Aphidius colemani, Aphidius ervi, Aphelinus abdominalis and Ephedrus cerasicola. The product can be used on every part of a crop. The tubes, which are attached to a convenient suspension system, have to be put out every 14 days over a period of several weeks. According to Koppert, Aphiscout is ideal as a basic control product for when dealing with aphids, particularly around soft fruit.

Visit them at stand: dm/D-26

For more information: www.koppertbio.de

Hof Löbke with new syrup
Hof Löbke has created a new syrup made from water, sugar and the Artemisia “cola” herb plant. The syrup contains no added colourings, preservatives or caffeine and is therefore suitable for children. It is available in a wide range of flavours, such as dandelion, lavender, basil and rose petal. The syrups come in nostalgic, reclosable flip-top bottles that hold 250ml. There is also a drink recipe book that was written specially for these products to give customers ideas of all the different things they can make with them. Retailers will be supplied with copies of the book to pass on to consumers free of charge.

Visit them at stand: 3/J-06

For more information: www.loebke.com

Sauerwein Waagen und Electronic GmbH with the scales HELMAC and GPE XS 
Sauerwein Waagen und Electronic GmbH will be exhibiting its new HELMAC battery scale, which is part of its GPE XS line and is made from stainless steel. The device is very robust and is equipped with a printer, which is located under the load plate. The scale is configured via a LAN connection and customers can take care of invoicing, prices and item data from their office, even though the scale is not there.

Visit them at stand: dm/D-06

For more information: www.SauerweinGmbH.de

BSK with EasyCool vehicle
BSK’s EasyCool Tour lightweight design concept for vending vehicles, enables vehicles to carry up to 700 kilogrammes in addition to their interior fittings, without exceeding the permitted total weight of 3.5 tonnes. The built-in furniture is made of lightweight polypropylene that has an impact and scratch-resistant coating. A weight-optimised cooling concept with digital temperature control reduces the running time of the cooling units and therefore reduces the required battery capacity as well. Each vehicle is also equipped with an unusually powerful alternator that partially recharges the battery according to the distance covered by the respective vehicle.

Visit them at stand: H-04 in Halle 3

For more information: www.bsk-fahrzeug.de

Bosch start-up Deepfield Robotics with Deepfield Connect – Strawberry Monitoring
Bosch start-up, Deepfield Robotics, will be presenting a new temperature and moisture measuring device, Deepfield Connect – Strawberry Monitoring, to a large number of industry professionals for the first time at expoSE. The system has three sensors that record the air temperature and the air and soil moisture levels. This data is sent directly to the farmer via a gateway and the Bosch Internet cloud, using a GSM signal. Combined with meteorological weather forecasts, the data informs the farmer of possible critical scenarios, like frost, heat, dryness and disease pressure through the device app on the farmer’s smartphone. The user can set the threshold values they wish to trigger an alarm themselves. This enables the user to respond to threats early and prevent harvest losses, while guaranteeing a strawberry crop of the desired quality at the same time.

Visit them at stand: M-30 in Halle 3

For more information: www.deepfield-robotics.com