A press conference was held today to mark the opening ceremony of the green orange picking carnival at the Qiongzhong Huayu cooperative demonstration base. This means that, as of today, Qiongzhong green oranges will be listed on the market.

To guarantee their taste, the harvest season of Qiongzhong green oranges was delayed for 2 weeks by the Agricultural Technology Promotion and Service Center in Qiongzhong Miao. This was because of a series of unfavourable weather events, such as coldness, drought and a typhoon, which affected its growth. According to estimates, the harvest output will be down by around 20%.

This will be the third year the Qiongzhong green orange tourism season has been held successfully, and this year, it starts from November 1st and will last until the end of December. Within a 2 month period, a series of activities regarding green oranges will be organized, such as green orange tasting, the story of green oranges, and the live broadcasting of online celebrities etc.

Moreover, during today's picking ceremony, the Agricutural Technology Promotion and Service Center will authroize the usage rights of the "Qiongzhong green orange" brand names to 6 enterprises, such as the Nanhai network.