The Yuncheng International Fruit Trade Exhibition is being hosted by the China Fruit Marketing Association and the Yuncheng government from November 7 to November 9. It is being conducted in the Yuncheng Agriculture Exhibition Hall and the South part of Sushui road. 

The exhibition is mainly focused on fruit and gathers quality agricultural products, advanced agricultural machinery, new high-quality sprout varieties, agricultural means of production, characteristic handicraft articles and travel resources. All of these topics are unified in one comprehensive international exhibition. During the time of the exhibition, the foreign purchasing market will be exhibited. Other events on the agenda are an opening ceremony, a departure ceremony for exported fruits, an opportunity to personally experience the fruit culture, a summit of experts, a signing ceremony, an expression of gratitude for the minister who was involved in selling the fruit, a trip to picturesque villages, a debate on the opinions of the experts, travel promotions, technical training in the fruit industry and a closing ceremony. 


�� (來�) [lái yuán]

  • source (of information etc)
  • origin

� (來) [lái]

  • to come
  • to arrive
  • to come round
  • ever since
  • next