TorresTropical Fresh trades exotic fruit with a focus on limes, mango and papaya. Theimport company's main strength is as a year round supplier of mangos by air. Thecontinuity of the air supply is the main starting point for the near future.

Since the end ofApril Torres Tropical Fresh has been located in Barendrecht on theKoopliedenweg 3. “In the old building in Strijen we outgrow ourselves andwouldn’t have been able to store our product under the right conditions. Here we have the space and facilities for the further development of ourcompany,” according to Paul Vroombout of Torres Tropical Fresh. The salesmanager mainly focuses on the Dutch and German market.

Ownproduction in Brazil
Torres Tropical Fresh imports the products from Central and South America, withBrazil as its main production country. Paul: “Under the name Torres Brasil, wehave our own production and packing stations here, which means we control theentire chain. In this way we try to be as independent from others as possible.”The limes come from Brazil all year round. This also goes for the BrazilianTommy Atkins and Palmer mangos. “Besides the limes, mangos, papayas and figs wealso import physalis, ginger, yellow melon, passion fruit, atemoya, guava, kakiand red and yellow pitahaya. We buy some products but mainly as a serviceto our customers.”

By air
The import company strives for a year round supply of limes, mango, papaya andfigs. Torres Tropical Fresh is well on its way with the limes and mangos. “Wewant to further expand the share by air,” explains Paul. “Flown mangos areincreasingly common and aren’t as exclusive anymore. Creating stability in thisis really a challenge and something you can define yourself with. We want toinvest in that over the next while. We don’t just receive mangos by air, wealso receive papayas, which are increasingly in demand, and pineapple. By airreally is our speciality.”

Salesmarkets in development
Torres Tropical Fresh now receives weekly arrivals of mangos by air. The marketfor this is different to that of container mangos, according to Paul. “Wemainly focus on retailers. France, Italy and Switzerland are important salesmarkets, whilst the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom arestill fully developing,” he notes. Torres Tropical Fresh’s products aremarketed under their own brand Belleza, which he says is enthusiasticallyreceived. The accompanying tropical birds each symbolise a product group.

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