At the avocado trade show in Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico , Microbes Bioscience presented the new alternatives to handle soil diseases. Ing. Carlos Olvera Director of Microbes Bio, held a presentation about a new alternative to control soil disease. The Rhizogen system is focused on the relationship between the root and soil. The unique form to reduce the impact of the soil disease is being focused on the things that happen in the soil, ( organic matter, pH, soil microbiology and water) also he said when we can control all of those elements the impact of soil disease will be less.
At the same time he presented the new formulas of products that have showed very good performance against fungi and nematodes; the Ag-LIFE line of products have as a base of 7 species of bacillus and 4 of Mycorrhizae, each one of those elements has a wide synergy allowing to the grower capitalize the benefits to have better control of the disease.
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