"This year we had quite adverse weather conditions that made it very difficult for producers to achieve homogenous blooms; we made it in the end, but there was a 25% to 30% decline in the production when compared to previous seasons," said Jacquie A. Swett, president of Blix.

Blix SA produces high quality Ataulfo, Kent and Tommy Atkins mangos at the hacienda San Judas Tadeo, located in the area of Palestina in the province of Guayas. The company is certified by Global Gap, Primus GFS and Sedex Supplier Member and it is currently exporting its mangos, under the brands Mr. Sweet, Magic, and Tasty to Europe, the US, Canada and Mexico.

Tasty Mangos by Blix S.A.

"Europe currently is a very interesting market for Ecuador, as they are paying good prices because of the Peruvian delay. Thus, the exporters are sending more fruit to the European markets to the detriment of the American market," says Jacquie.

According to Jacquie, there will be a shortage of mango in the international markets between late December and the second half of January because Ecuador is ending its mango campaign in advance and Peru's mango campaign started late.
Jacquie stated that, despite being a difficult year for the industry, the company continued to bet big on mango, increased its production area, and continued to develop new products and markets, such as its recent collaboration with a renowned Dutch importer to market Kent mango in the European market.

"We met Total Exotics last year at Fruit Logistica and agreed on a program to send mango both by air and by sea. This represents a milestone for our company. We had no previous experience sending our fruit by air, but thanks to the support of the importer the product has arrived in perfect condition," said Jacquie.

The larger sizes will be allocated to the IV range and gastronomy, while the smaller sizes will be sent to supermarkets. The fruit arrives almost ready for consumption, so there is no need for cold storage, which results in a very tasty fruit.

"We only export the mangos produced in the hacienda so we have complete control over everything, from the harvest, packaging and export, in order to ensure our product's consistency and quality," said Jacquie.

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