The French kiwi season started well this year with an empty market. Chile had a very low crop this year and left an empty market for Northern Hemisphere kiwi producers, which resulted in good prices at the start.

Although an empty market is in favour of the growers and gave this year an earlier start to the sales. They couldn’t meet all the demand, as the kiwi needs to be ripened for a month after harvesting. “We want to guarantee the quality, so we need to respect this maturing time,” explains Jean-Baptiste Pinel from Prim’Land, who sells kiwis under their Oscar Kiwi brand.

The expectations for the sales this year looks promising. “The total volume of Europe is not so high, so prices will be good.” This year France will have an average season in terms of volume, brix level and sizing. The volume in France will be approximately 65,000 tons of kiwifruit, the Oscar brand is good for 15,000 tons.

The competition from Italy is severe. “The Italian volume is a bit higher than the French. However the French kiwi is a premium kiwifruit with a higher standard. So we need to do our best, as we also sell at a higher price.”

Prim’Land's main destinations from kiwi is France, Europe, South East-Asia and some volumes go to United States and Canada.

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