The Assomela marketing committee has analysed the apple situation at a regional and provincial level.

The production

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2,460,005 tons of apples were produced, i.e. +14.3% more than 2013.

The productive season was favoured by a mild spring and a cool and wet summer.

The quality of the fruit is particularly high both in terms of flavour and colour, especially thanks to the fact that temperatures were cool during harvesting.

All the produce harvested was stored and is in excellent condition.

The EC production is also very good and it should be of around 11,900,000 tons.


Table apple stocks on December 1, 2014, are 1,595,713 tons, i.e. +14% with respect to the previous year.

At a community level, stocks are of 5,000,000 tons, i.e. +12% with respect to the previous year.


56,672 tons were sold since the beginning of the campaign, +23% than 2013.

180,793 tons of Gala were sold, a record quantity. Excellent volumes were recorded also for Red Delicious (64,38 tons), Fuji (34,272 tons) and Golden delicious (165,872 tons). Granny Smith produced a record 39,215 tons.

Community sale volumes are also high at 200,000 tons (+75% with respect to 2013).


The market is still affected by oversupply, as some apples are still sold at prices that do not cover production costs.

Sales trends are quite interesting with good EC consumption and excellent export results too.

Some prices are already going up for some varieties for Gala and Fuji.

If sales continue this way, the excess of volumes available might be absorbed already in spring.