As of October 1st Wim de Rijder and Rutger Keurhorst have officially started Qreenno BV. After years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector they have taken up residence in the Water tower in Goes, where they will focus on engineering and project management for industrial plants and buildings in the fruit and vegetable processing industry for clients at home and abroad. The focus is mainly on the processing of bulk commodities such as potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, fries and chips. The first applications from the fruit sector have also begun. "West Europe will be a big market, but third world countries are scaling up as well. We also see more and more investors from the Middle East in the food sector."

Wim de Rijder and Rutger Keurhorst standing in front of the Water tower

"Trace-ability, mechanization and automation are booming in the fresh produce industry right now. Many manufacturing companies are aware that there are an awful lot of different components you have to deal with all at once. When different components are overlapped and connected, errors commonly occur. Projects are becoming larger and more complex, which makes it harder for businesses to keep track of everything. Do you want to set up a new processing/packaging line, then you have to sit down with ten suppliers," Wim explains.

"It is not feasible for many companies to accurately do everything themselves. Until now, there has never been an impartial player who can guide these processes," says Rutger. "Our goal is to relieve clients by helping them with efficiency and cost reduction, so that they can focus on their core business. We handle projects from concept to final delivery and management. Think of things like loading and unloading, sorting, trace-ability, handling, packaging, product handling, as well as energy management and subsidies."

In the last few weeks many fruit and vegetable processing companies, and their suppliers, have visited Qreenno and the reactions have been positive. "Our independence is paramount, we are not directly related to suppliers either. Next to the total engineering side of this new business, we can also advise our clients on the best supplier for them since each supplier conducts annual reviews and updates," says Rutger.

"We can take a critical look at the efficiency of organizations. When something new is built there is often a lot of promises that go along with it, but whether those promises will actually be fulfilled is another matter. There is no other company that does what we do. We offer a listening ear and a critical eye. The language of industry is our language. The knowledge and experience in processing is our strength. Although we see that there is high demand for our services, we want to work with a small group. We go from job to job. Face-to-face is especially important in this sector," says Wim. 

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