Spanish cucumber is dominating the German market. Greece is also supplying, being mainly present on the trade floor in Munich. Import from the Netherlands has ground to a complete halt. Mass production and moderate demand made it impossible to increase prices. A reasonable price was only had in Munich, but in Frankfurt, losses had to be taken. In mini cucumbers, Turkey is setting the trend. The gap caused by the Dutch supplies drying up, is being filled with Spanish and Egyptian cucumbers.

While the presence of Dutch and Belgian tomatoes is decreasing, Spanish supplies are still increasing. Italy and Germany also lost some of their market share, mainly to Morocco and Turkey. The first plum tomatoes arrived from Tunisia in 5.5 kg boxes, in Frankfurt. Turkish plum tomatoes are in great condition, and are selling well. Looking back, we can see that in Frankfurt, Moroccan produce was doing particularly well, while there were more Dutch products in Cologne. In Hamburg and Munich, prices of solid quality tomatoes increased.

Source: BLE
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