Tesco and AMT (Munoz) the UKʼs leading citrus specialist has once again
welcomed in the supply of the exclusive Meyer Lemon from the USA.

Available across the retailerʼs stores nationwide, the citrus is a known
favourite ingredient of chefs throughout the country, notably Jamie Oliver who
has recently championed the product.

Renowned for it unique deep yellow colouring and clear skin finish, the Meyer
Lemons flavour can best be described as a cross between a lemon and a

Lacking the bitterness of traditional lemon makes it ideal for use in juices,
dressings and desserts.

Tesco Citrus Commercial Manager, Laura Cope, "Meyer Lemons are one of the most exceptional offerings in the citrus fixture due to both unique their colouring and taste. We have been working closely with AMT to secure the volumes thus giving
our customers the chance to purchase fresh produce that is best in season."

Tesco Finest Meyer Lemons are available throughout December to January,
priced at £1:85 per four pack.

Visit www.munoz.co.uk to learn more.

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