So far, the carrot market has been rough, but according to Hans Steltenpool of the Dutch Carrot Group, it's to early to draw too many conclusions from that. "It's only December, and there's never a lot of export around this time. All countries eat through their stockpile first. Some of it is going to Africa and Eastern European countries like Romania and Bulgaria."

"Whether things will change, can't be said yet. More frost would stimulate demand in any case, but last year we didn't have a winter at all," Hans continues. "Many people blame the Russian boycott for the low prices, but I think that's more fear than what is really the case. It's a political conflict, and you can't help that. Everyone is confronted with it."

"The price in the 10 kg net bale varies. One is cheaper than other, but that's the case every year when winter approaches. People who are getting anxious and sell their carrots at low prices. Others are still waiting it out." He says the carrot quality is reasonably good so far. "Everything has a bit of mouse damage, but the situation is Germany is much worse. But they're still carrots for cold storage, you don't know what it will be like in three months time."