According to Jorge Ortiz Hernandez, a businessman from the Agro-food Park Las Moras, the fields of Mexquitic de Carmona are agonizing as a result of the lack of support from the state and federal government. Ortiz Hernandez stated that 300 producers from more than three communities had lost all of their production, i.e. more than 400 acres, to the low temperatures in recent weeks.

The businessman said the State Government needed to pay an urgent visit to the producers who lost production in the area. "Three months ago, the people form the SEDARH told us they would give us support after hail fell in the ejido of Moras. But this aid never came, its still hasn’t arrived," he stated.

Ortiz Hernandez said that the low temperatures in recent days had affected more than three communities belonging to Carmona.

"It’s a new meteorological disaster, there were 3 frosts last week. This was devastating for the fields in Mexquitic. There were total losses in Loma de San Francisco, San Francisco, Ejido de Moras, Barbechos, Guadalupe and Pollitos," he said.

He said the drop in temperatures had affected different products, including those that were resistant to the cold weather. Thus, more than 300 producers in the municipality had had considerable economic losses.

"The cabbage was destroyed, the chard was destroyed, the pumpkins, peas, peaches. Everything destroyed, this frost hit us very hard," he said.

Jorge Ortiz Hernandez asked the candidates running for mayor in the different municipalities to commit so that the producers could surpass the crisis in which they are immersed.