Bayer CropScience China Limited (Bayer CropScience) and China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation Tunhe Limited (COFCO Tunhe) has reached a cooperation agreement on innovation and development in sustainable agriculture.

By combining COFCO’s industry chain model and Bayer CropScience’s innovative crop solutions, the joint efforts aim to explore new ways to practice sustainable agriculture, starting with tomato industry chain. In COFCO Tunhe’s production base, Bayer CropScience’s new tomato varieties and innovative technology will be adopted as good agricultural practices, for improved yield and quality and increased income for growers. And environment management in tomato production and storage will also be further optimized.

The cooperation will also include trainings and demonstrations on sustainable agriculture practices and technologies among tomato growers and technicians, and localization of global good agriculture practices.

Bayer CropScience Greater China Country Head Rob Hulme commented, “It takes a shared vision among all partners to build a sustainable industry. We are very happy to work with COFCO Tunhe on a sustainable model for tomato industry chain. Innovation is a key driver for sustainable development. By introducing our innovative seed-to-shelf solutions, we hope to improve tomato yield, quality and food safety, and hence benefit growers, consumers and partners in the industry chain.”

COFCO Tunhe Vice President Tianchi Yu remarked that COFCO has made solid progress in creating a sustainable model in the industry chain. COFCO Tunhe has actively participated Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, a global initiative by Unilever on sustainability, for four years. Many projects in the Plan have delivered impressive results. Today, our agreement with Bayer CropScience again demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and development in the whole industry chain. We look forward to working closely together to shape the sustainable development of food chain in China with a Seed-to-Shelf model.

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