The Florida sweet corn market is relatively slow in comparison to the peak harvest in the spring season, however prices remains consistent on nearly all varieties. “White coloured corn saw a slight decrease,” explains Jason Stemm, a representative for the Sunshine Sweet Corn Farmers of Florida. “prices range from $14.95 to $16.95 for a 48 count crate.”

Texas is the only state which competes with Florida within the sweet corn market. Domestic sales and processing account for the most sales, as 5% of the harvested corn is exported. “Most corn is sold within the continental United States and Canada, with a small amount being exported to Europe.”

Although acreage for Florida sweet corn has not increased, growers are always searching for new innovations. The Sunshine Sweet Corn Farmers of Florida is an organization which consists of growers and shippers within South Florida. “The group is always evaluating new seed varieties and selecting only premium varieties to be sold as Sunshine Sweet Corn.”

During much of the season, Florida is the primary source for fresh sweet corn. However, during the harsh winter months, freezes can occur so the crop is constantly monitored. “Since sweet corn is planted in stages, the impact from freezes may be seen for a couple of weeks, but volumes tend to rebound.”

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