Fresh produce technology specialist Locus Traxx Worldwide EU has appointed sales agents in Italy and Spain to head its operations in the two countries as part of a strategy to bring its business closer to growers in important fruit and vegetable producing nations.

The company has reached an agreement with fresh produce industry veterans Tomás Rosatto and Domenico Pistolesi for a collaboration as sales agents for Spain and Italy respectively where they will utilise years of experience and extensive contacts to boost the service Locus Traxx is able to offer.

A fruit and vegetable importer-exporter with over 27 years’ experience in the fresh produce sector, Rosatto’s past experience includes the role of director of quality and distribution in Utrecht, the Netherlands for Brantina, as well as export manager for Asia, South Africa and Canada.

Rosatto has an extensive knowledge of quality control and logistics in the fresh produce industry as well as a solid network of contacts in Spain that will allow Locus Traxx to have closer contact with all the players in the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector.

Currently a consultant specialising in fresh produce quality control, Pistolesi likewise has more than 30 years’ experience in the Italian fruit and vegetable sector with excellent knowledge of all stages of fruit and vegetables production, as well as the logistics related to the industry.

Pistolesi’s expertise and understanding of the risks to product quality during transportation will assist Locus Traxx in providing a comprehensive solution and service to all the players within the Italian fresh produce sector.

Locus Traxx EU managing director, Ray Hoffman, said: “This is part of our growth strategy; to implement a direct presence with comprehensive understanding and knowledge for the fresh produce industry in two of the largest producers of fruit and vegetables in Europe.”

“We think that Tomás’ and Domenico’s relationship and close contacts with growers and shippers will allow us to have a better insight into the needs of our customers. Our direct presence will allow us to quickly adapt our offer to provide them with the best possible service.”
SmartTraxx improvements

In a separate development, Locus Traxx has announced the launch of a new version of its innovative SmartTraxx GO device for monitoring fresh produce shipments.

A palm-sized, disposable unit for monitoring products transported by road or sea that is able to transmit data from inside a truck or container, SmartTraxx GO’s low weight and powerful capabilities make it the natural replacement for outdated data loggers.

Improvements and new features for Smarttraxx GO for 2015 include a light sensor to provide security alerts whenever the doors of a trailer or container are opened as well as an accelerometer and extended battery to cover all seafreight shipments.

Locus Traxx also currently markets SmartTraxx Portable, a multimodal unit that is capable of transmitting location and temperature data from inside a container even when travelling across deep oceans.

An added value of the device is that it also sends intrusion alerts, warning customers when the doors of the container are opened.

All data collected from both devices is secured and made available on Locus Traxx’s client dedicated website, Oversight, where customers can also create reports and graphics for efficient analysis of their transports.

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