Manuel Antonio Cazares Castro, President of the Tomato Product System, said tomato prices in the domestic market would remain high until the tomato harvest is generalized.

He noted that the harvest of greenhouse tomatoes in southern Sonora would begin next week and that it had already started in the neighbouring state of Sinaloa.

He said that tomatoes prices remained above 25 pesos ($ 1.75) per kilogram because there wasn't enough production to meet demand.

Next week, he said, the first harvests of greenhouse tomatoes will start in the Yaqui Valley - south of Sonora - especially for the cherry and chambray varieties.

He also noted that the harvest of the saladet tomato variety would start next February so prices would continue to rise and benefit producers. However, he acknowledged, consumers must pay a high price for a food product that is used on a daily basis.

Tomatoes are being sold between 25 and 30 pesos in the supply centres and supermarkets in the capital of Sonora, but their normal price is quoted for up to 40 pesos per kilogram.

Source: Notimex