Minneolas have been available in Israel for two weeks and now the country's growers are starting into supplies that will make up the bulk of their crop this year. Early fruit typically goes to the wholesale market and later fruit is mostly destined for retail programs.

“Prices for Minneolas before Christmas are high,” said Oron Ziv of Befresh Europe. “They don't compare to prices for Orri clementines, for instance, but they are a nice niche product.” Befresh sells Israeli citrus in Europe, and most of their Minneolas during the past two weeks went to the open market in Belgium in 15-kilogram containers. Sizing of fruit this season has been normal, with most sizes falling between size 60 and 81. Now that the early part of the season is finished, exporters will now focus on their retail partnerships.

“Harvesting in the early areas is about done, about one more week and it will be over,” said Ziv. “Harvesting in Israel will last into the first or second week of 2015, and shipments will last until about the fifth or sixth week of the year. It's not a very long season.”

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