Fennel quotations in the last two weeks of November 2014 were rather stable.

According to Isema data, during week 47, supply and demand were quite balanced and prices did not change much. Only prices for the produce sold in Rovigo went down.

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The same can be said for week 48, when there was only a slight drop in prices of produce from the Metaponto area due to lower demand and a further price drop in Rovigo.

Average prices - week four of November 2014 and variations with respect to the previous week (column 4) and to the same week in the previous year (column 5) - Click here to enlarge

In the week between 24th-30th November 2014, the average price at origin was €0.36/kg, i.e. -4.1% with respect to the previous 7 days and +10.9% with respect to the same week in 2013.

Despite a peak in late October (€0.54/kg), the trend was downwards from late September onwards.

Wholesale prices
In Turin, the trend of single-layer 30x50 10-piece 1st category fennel was rather constant in the last few weeks. The price hovered between €1.00 and €0.95. The same goes for 2nd category produce in 1-piece 30x50 single layers, with prices between €0.70 and €0.65.

CAAT: Italian 1st category fennel - Click here to enlarge

In Fondi, from 17th to 23rd November (week 47), 8/10-piece single-layer Italian fennel were sold on average at €0.66/kg (VAT not included). In Bologna, the average quotation of this Italian produce was sold at €0.93/kg (VAT not included).