Three municipalities of Cochabamba declared a state of emergency as a result of the recent hailstorms. Juan Ocaña , Secretary of Productive Development of the Interior, stated on Tuesday that the frost damaged at least a thousand hectares of crops.

"Approximately 12 municipalities were affected by the hail and three municipalities, Cliza, Toco and Sacabamba, declared a state of emergency," said the official.

Ocaña added that a thousand hectares of potatoes, corn and alfalfa, vegetables and forage were damaged by the frost in the three municipalities and that there were other regions affected by the climatic phenomenon in the high and low valleys and at the Southern Cone.

He said the three declarations of emergency would be presented in the Department’s Legislative Assembly so they could be processed.

The community of Playa Ancha in the town of Capinota was the last town hit by the hailstorm, last Thursday.

The frost destroyed their entire crop of vegetables and fruits.

Source: Los Tiempos