4Fruit warns against the firm Renergy Entsorgungsmanagement und Rohstoffhandel GMBH. This company also operates under the name: Renergy GMBH, Ballindamm 13, 20095 Hamburg. The purchaser and company manager are: Murat Mustafa Sahin and Niels Christian Jacobsen. The website is www.renergy.de

Jan Bakker of 4Fruit says that the firm, despite promises, still isn't paying. "On December 3, 'Herr' Murat Mustafa Sahin phoned. It's possible that things became too hot for him following the publication on FreshPlaza. Again he gives a disjointed story about unpaid bills in Russia, which he says means he can't pay."

Jan was also called by various colleagues from the Netherlands. "Total sum of unpaid invoices that's known now, after one day: >200k. He also, in passing, threatened our salesperson, and is demanding 5,000 Euro back, which he says he gave him privately as a commission. This is total rubbish. Colleagues, once again: Watch out, these criminals stop at nothing and shun no means of delaying things in order to avoid payment. It's possible that they'll soon disappear without a trace. I am considering reporting this myself to the Kriminalpolizei. The strangest thing about this company is that Geschäftsführer Niels Christian Jacobsen is also an agent for a firm in factoring and leasing, with a website www.flmakler.de

4Fruit Company warns against this company, and is prepared to give further information on this. FreshPlaza holds no liability whatsoever regarding the above mentioned information. These reports are posted outside the responsibility of FreshPlaza, which is why the sender of the message is always stated along with it.