According to the latest report of the Regional Directorate of Agricultural Information, 59% of crops from the 2014/2015 crop year had already been planted in the Puno region. Potato crops in the region will amount to 43,162 hectares, 79% of the total planting intentions, which exceeds more than 54,000 hectares.

30,932 hectares have already been planted, and there is a 71% increase in barley grain. The planting of other crops has culminated and the total area of the different agricultural sectors in the region of Puno will be known in December.

The head of the Regional Directorate of Agricultural Information, German Cutipa Flores, stated that the conditions had been favourable this year so there had been an increase in the planting areas, especially in the cultivation of potatoes and quinoa.

The official information will be announced later this year, because the plantings are still incomplete. Cutipa Flores stated that the crops are starting their life cycle successfully.

Source: argenpapa