"The start of the Spanish greenhouse vegetable season this year has been easier than in previous years. There were less kilos, partially due to the fact that the vegetables were planted later in the season, and partially due to the high temperatures that continued up until last Thursday." This is what Ellen van Kester has said. Van Kester is responsible for export for Horticola Guadalfeo; a family business in Mortril that specializes in speciality tomatoes and Chinese cabbage. 

"From Thursday on it rained a lot, this will definitely have an effect on production. The temperature is now expected to continue to drop, which is totally normal for this time of the year," continues Ellen. "The vegetables were planted later because there were marketing problems in the last few years in November due to the availability of Spanish and Dutch products. Now, due to the lower temperatures, there will be less volume, and demand is just a little bit higher in December. The last remnants from the Dutch season are now on the market."

Ellen during Fruit Attraction

The most important export markets for Horticola Guadalfeo are Spain, England, France, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. The company has 100 hectares of production land, on which many different varieties are grown. "So far, we have had little demand for our products, with the cherry plum tomato as the exception, with a great deal of this product on the market," says Ellen. Ellen says that the beginning of the season is always a bit tricky because there are often new packaging lines. 

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