With its solution for extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, the Dutch company PerfoTec has been named as a runner-up at the ceremony of the prestigious European Business Awards for the Environment. This was announced on December 1st at the 17th European Forum on Eco-innovation in Lyon, France. The jury rated PerfoTec as a high potential because the technology proves that sustainability, in terms of reducing food waste, and business performance go very well together.

Bas Groeneweg (right) with the runner-up award.

Fruit and vegetables are in the top 5 of the most
wasted products. PerfoTec’s Respiration Control System
extends the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables up to 100%. Fruit and vegetables need oxygen to stay fresh, but the amount of oxygen needed varies by type and changes through the seasons. PerfoTec’s system measures the exact level of oxygen needed and adjusts the packaging accordingly with micro-perforations. Several retail pilots, that include Marks & Spencer, show that this way in-store waste can be reduced with 50% while increasing sales.

Bas Groeneweg, director of PerfoTec BV: “We were already delighted with a nomination and the fact that we are named as runner-up in the EBAE is a huge incentive for us. The international recognition of the EBAE combined with the already successful performance at retailers confirms our mission to implement the PerfoTec system as the international standard for packing fruits and vegetables.”

PerfoTec was one of the 16 nominees out of 152 entries for this year’s award and one of the 3 in the Products & Services category. The European Business Awards for the Environment recognise and promote today’s pioneers in green innovation. They are presented every two years and aim to recognise and reward European companies that set an example by successfully bringing together innovation, economic viability and environmental concerns.

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