According to Heider L. Cabral, market manager of Abanorte, the project for the Brazilian export of Prata banana, which represents 50% of the bananas consumed in the Brazilian market and seeks its promotion overseas, has not been hindered by drought, "although growers, on the other hand, have indeed suffered its impact and are looking forward to the opportunity of accessing new markets."

The Prata banana is grown mainly in Brazil and has several features that distinguish it from the Cavendish. The export project has been promoted by organisations like FIEMG, SEBRAE, GOVERNO DE MINAS and BID, and "the final results will be announced on 5 December at Abanorte's central office in Janauba," affirms Heider.

Prata banana

Brazil's banana production has traditionally focused on the domestic market, with exports accounting for only 1%. Heider explains that "besides having both Cavendish and Prata, Brazil has the resources to increase production without the environment being affected, providing a great opportunity for business expansion overseas."

In Europe, consumers will soon discover a new exotic flavour thanks to the Prata banana. "It's a market where we have planned numerous promotional campaigns for the coming years with the goal of promoting Prata banana as a great alternative."

Regarding Chiquita's recent acquisition by Cutrale/Safra, Heider affirms that "we are still waiting to see how the market will react, but as an association of producers we are aware of the great importance of distribution for the production chain as a whole, and Chiquita has been one of the largest distributors worldwide."

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